commercial Liability Insurance

Your business has liability exposure, whether it's making or manufacturing a product, or simply running a retail store outlet. You are exposed to the everyday risks that surrounds us all. "Liability" refers to your legal obligation to pay compensation and costs awarded against you in respect of loss or damage sustained by a third party. Types of liability insurance coverage you may want to consider: 

  • Public Liability - This will protect you from any liability claims from a Third Party (other than one of your employees) for bodily injury or damage to their property that may arise out of the normal operation of your business.
  • Employer's Liability - This insurance offers you protection for any liability arising from on-the-job injury or illness sustained by your employees that is not covered under any Workers Compensation Act.
  • Products Liability - This will protect you from any liabilities resulting from bodily injury or property damage caused to a Third Party (other than one of your employees) from the use of that product you sell or manufacture.

At Key Insurance, we are highly experienced in dealing with Commercial Liability and the exposures associated with your business. We can custom tailor a liability policy to suit your business needs. All you need to do is give us a call or come and visit us and one of our Commercial Liability Representatives will be more than happy to serve you.